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How Going PaperLess by Using School ERP Software helps School management

How the schools could be benefited by adopting paperless school management software.

The most famous topic these days conservationists work upon to save the environment is to Save Paper and Go Green. Every year the production of the paper exceeds by 300 million tons and it is also known that 60% of the harvested wood is utilized for the paper and its goods. However, people adopting paperless culture can have abundant benefits for the environment.

Schools and other educational institutes can go paperless by adopting school ERP software. Let’s look at how can going paperless benefit to schools:

  • Avoiding unnecessary personnel operations
  • Workplace pressure decreases by effortless workflow
  • Elimination of errors
  • Timely completion of work
  • Avoids chances of possible threat and risks 
  • Less probability of losing of finding the information 
  • No more furniture required to store a heap of papers

What will the benefits Educational Management Software will experience in adopting paperless culture? 

  • Make process simpler

Digitalization makes operations simpler by avoiding unnecessary work and streamlining the activities of the school. It avoids duplication of work hence ends up saving a lot of time and effort. Simpler procedures avoid panic, pressure, and require limited resources. Now, student’s data could be saved digitally and can also incorporate a lot of other data sources and digital devices which could altogether promote a new stage of data processing. 


  • Security assurance 

Data that is stored online is much safer than that on paper, as the data on paper can be misplaced or theft. Manipulation, and transfer of data or changing the physical data of students can easily be done as there is no security. On the other part, data stored on the Cloud, in the management software is secured with a layer of security codes to protect it. This secured data can only be accessed by those who have the right to modify that data.  


  • Real-time access 

The teachers, parents all can have real-time access to the updated information. Like when the teacher enters the marks of students, parents can view them. These changes apart from parents and teachers, admin can view them as well. This saves a lot of paper, time, and effort. Quick decisions and timely delivery is made possible only by online data storing.


  • Reduces chances of risk

Tasks done with the help of computers are error-free as they don’t make mistakes with calculations or processing. The chances of misplacing, misfiling, or losing important data can also be avoided. When the data is online stored the hours which were previously wasted for searching for the documents can now be saved. 


  • An economical data storage mechanism

Paper is inconvenient to manage and store and cannot be easily backed up as well. It is also not possible to take several photocopies of each and every document as it will lead to wastage of paper, and space. On the other hand, an electronic file can be saved anywhere and it is also not required to maintain any physical space and saves the cost of paper and stationery. 



Adapting to the paperless environment will deliver multiple benefits to all teachers, parents, and admin. It also takes care of all the routine activities going in the school like attendance, tests, report card, registration, and many more, are working in an effortless manner. Digitalizing all these works saves lots of teachers time and effort which they can use in the classroom for their teaching activity. 

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